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Demonstration Game

BBC Educational

Stream Watch (New South Wales)

Interactive Water Cycle (Water & Rivers Commission - Western Australia)

NSW EPA Education Information

Demonstration Game

Specific educational material suitable for secondary schools is provided in the form of a Demonstration Game 'Lets Fix Urban Streams' describing a Basic Decision Support System for Stream Management. This material was published as part of the National River Health Program and is available from:

BBC Educational Rivers and Coasts Website

The Rivers and Coasts website offers teachers the option of studying one or other topic with their pupils. Printable worksheets can be used either in conjunction with the website or as extension activities in the classroom.

Stream Watch

Stream Watch Picture

Click on the Streamwatch picture to visit the Streamwatch page & find out about Streamwatch: a dynamic environmental action network, educating and empowering communities to work together for healthy catchments. Streamwatch is a school and community water quality monitoring and action program. Streamwatch is supported by Department of Land and Water Conservation, Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Trust, Hunter Catchment Management Trust, Sydney Water, Upper Parramatta River Catchment Management Trust, and Waterwatch Australia. In NSW Streamwatch operates under the umbrella of NSW WaterWatch.

Interactive Water Cycle

Water Cycle Picture

Click on the Water Cycle picture to visit the Water Cycle page to find out about how the Water Cycle works and the role of Water & Rivers Commission in managing water resources in Western Australia. The Water Resources Commission sponsors and supports the Waterwatch Western Australia Ribbons of Blue Program. This program encourages development of environmental values and understandings through water quality monitoring. Schools registered in the program receive technical support, training, professional development for teachers, assistance with integrating Ribbons of Blue into curricula, and ongoing advice from the 11 catchment coordinators around the state.

NSW EPA Education Information

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