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Egret  photographed at Homebush Bay - Site for the 2000 Olympics (Bryan  Hall). To get HOME CLICK THE EGRET THUMBNAIL ON ANY PAGE was developed to facilitate public access to scientific and technical information on Australia's Rivers. Much of this material was paid for using public funds and is therefore owned by the Australian people. Environment Australia were instrumental in making available all the publications from:

The Internet site was in-part supported by the Natural Heritage Trust. The Natural Heritage Trust focussed on five key environmental themes - land, vegetation, rivers, coasts and marine, and biodiversity. The programs of the Natural Heritage Trust played a role in developing sustainable agriculture and natural resource management, as well as protecting our unique biodiversity through improved management and delivery of resources.

The Internet site was in-part supported by Sydney Airport who have co-funded a Natural Heritage Trust supported project intended to develop Internet based environmental information integration and management systems. This will assist in developing an overall perspective on the demands and uses for environmental resources

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Bryan Hall

Bushwalking in Glenbrook Creek - Lower Blue Mountains - NSW (Bryan Hall)

At the time of building Riversinfo Austraila I served as a Director of the Environmental Information Association of Australia (Incorporated) and on River and Water Management Committees. This allowed me to work with a number of stakeholders in developing environmental information systems that deliver definitive environmental reference material.

I have undertaken Other project work for the Centre for Integrated Catchment Management (UWS). The project areas broadly included:

I was previously employed by the CSIRO and worked on problems of pollution and waste management from mines, agriculture and urban and industrial development. The work encompassed:

Two major reports to which I contributed were concerned with:

I have made contributions to projects in the following areas:

Doctoral Thesis - Mathematical Generalisations of Quantum Mechanics

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Master Thesis - Environmental Science - Geographical Information Systems

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