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The Natural Heritage Trust and The National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality

Council of Australian Governments Communique - Water Reform Agenda

National River Health Program


Outcomes of the NRHP Urban Sub-Program


A Physical Classification of Australian Estuaries

Assessing the ecological health of estuaries in Australia

Estuarine Eutrophication Models

SEEM (Simple Estuarine Eutrophication Model) User's Manual.

Estuarine Health Assessment Using Benthic Macrofauna

Australia's near pristine estuaries - assets worth protecting

Decision Support System

Basic Decision Support System for Management of Urban Streams Part A

Basic Decision Support System for Management of Urban Streams Part B Software Manual

Basic Decision Support System for Management of Urban Streams Part C Pilot Studies in Brisbane

Basic Decision Support System for Management of Urban Streams. Part D. Demonstration Game 'Lets Fix Urban Streams'


A Guide to Diatoms as Indicators of Urban Stream Health

Diatom Prediction & Classification System for Urban Streams. A Model from Perth, Western Australia

Macroinvertebrates & AUSRIVAS

Sediment Chemistry - Macroinvertebrate Fauna Relationships in Urban Streams

An evaluation of AUSRIVAS models for urban stream assessment

Tools & Resources for AusRivAS Physical & Geoassessment Protocol

AUSRIVAS Physical Assessment Protocol

Final Report: AUSRIVAS Physical and Chemical Assessment Module

Review Of Physical River Assessment Methods: A Biological Perspective

Spatial Databases & Information Systems

National Map Accuracy Standards

Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Mapping Systems - Locationally Linked Databases


Interim Southern Sydney Regional Strategic Plan

Turning the Tide

The Botany Basin; Its Bedrock Topography And Recent Geological History

Just for Kids - School Age Education Information

Data Management & Reporting

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