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Some Papers of General Interest

Mathematical and Information Sciences

Structure of Information & Constraints to Analysis
The testing of an appropriate hypothesis relating to measurable characteristics is central to statistical decision making and consequently when applying statistical methods, it is essential to carefully and precisely define the problem to be solved. Inductive statistics is based on the mathematics of probability. Before any inductive statistical analysis can be conducted on a population or other data structure it is necessary to establish exactly how a random experiment could be conducted on the data structure and the outcome that would be expected from a long series of trials of the random experiment.

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics & the Measurement Problem
much of the unfocused and unresolved controversy concerning the interpretation of quantum mechanics has its roots in the fact that Einstein and his supporters have refused to accept the change in standards of "what needs explaining" which has been made with the development of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. In Einstein's view, these changes require one to restrict the horizon of scientific endeavor in an unjustifiable way. Einstein's opponents, on the other hand, claim that his objections show only that he has not properly understood the theory. ... A complete or exhaustive description of a physical system is one from which one can, using the currently accepted laws of nature, infer all properties of the system for which it is a physicist's ambition to account. Where two physicists do not share a common standard of what does and does not need to be explained, there is no hope on their agreeing that the corresponding description can be called complete. The use of the word complete, with its implicit reference to particular criteria of completeness, may serve to conceal rather than reveal the point at issue. Heisenberg ... Is there a fundamental level of reality? ... He responded as follows ...

Information, Simulation & Reconstruction
When information is not sufficient to permit an exact reconstruction of an entity (always), it is impossible to separate the constructed image from the series of instructions that created it. In any data processing operation conservation of information is the best outcome that can be achieved. ... All reconstructions that can be put into digital format must reconstruct by some sort of numerical method. It is essential to establish control procedures in any technical reconstruction operation. It is impossible for the accuracy of a finished product to be any better than the control standards on which it is based.

Medical Reviews & Analysis

Review of: "The Quality in Australian Health Care Study"
... a number of parallels between the Quality in Australian Health Care Study and the Harvard Medical Practice Study, which also drew attention to medical errors. ... examined medical records to detect evidence of adverse events. ... the studies drew extraordinary conclusions concerning the frequency and totality of hospital treatment derived injuries and fatalities. ... The purpose of this review is to analyse the references to "mathematical" and "statistical" techniques in the context of the MJA article. ... the formulation need not always establish the correctness of the results presented, the methods used or the validity of any conclusions drawn concerning the system under evaluation.

Health Information - Making Sense of it all
Health Care Policy must be seen in the broader economic, cultural and political context. The complex nature of health policy and administration has inevitably led to a reliance on theories of mathematical statistics for setting spending priorities. This paper provides a review of Medical & Social Statistics. The paper describes where to find information, how to process it and what it means.

Orthopaedic Patient Transfers in the NSW Public Health System
This document provides some general background on Area Health Services and the NSW Public Health System and presents some figures and graphs describing Orthopaedic Surgery activity both within the system and across Australia.

Other Medical Documents Published:

Environmental Analysis

Environmental Management Systems
The Environmental Management Systems Working Group of the Natural Resource Management Standing Committee wrote a discussion paper: "Towards a National Framework for the Development of Environmental Management Systems in Agriculture". The committee called for submissions concerning this discussion paper. This submission was written to assist the committee in evaluating the extent to which internet based information systems may assist in achieving their stated goals.

Australian Map Accuracy Standards
This article includes information on the Australian Geodetic Datum, the Australian Map Accuracy Standards and the Accuracy of Map Overlays.

The Mathematical Structure of Spatial Databases
This chapter establishes that it is not possible to write a general algorithm for analysing interactions between biological organisms and properties recorded at various locations described by a locationally linked database; the problem can not be solved, even approximately. In order to establish this fact this chapter demonstrates that any attempt to write such an algorithm meets with intractable problems. This result has substantial implications for analysing pattern in such spatial data.

The National River Health Program Reports
Riversinfo Australia is managed under Riversinfo Australia published the reports arising from the Australian National River Health Program. The NRHP was established to improve the management of Australia's rivers and flood plains for their long-term health and ecological sustainability, through the following goals:

  1. To monitor and assess the health of Australia's rivers.
  2. To enhance the management of river flows, water allocation and water use to ensure the sustainability of river and flood plain ecosystems.
  3. To encourage active management to improve the health of Australia's rivers, based on a sound understanding of the ecological and hydrological processes.
  4. To evaluate the effectiveness of river management actions at a national scale.

Tools & Resources for AusRivAS Physical & Geoassessment Protocol

Hard Copy Technical Papers

While working for CSIRO and undertaking various University Degrees Mr Hall published and contributed to various technical papers including:

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