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Valley of the Waters Blue Mountains National Park (NSW) (Colleen Oleary)

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Online Publications

Topics in this section:

National River Health Program

Go To Published Reports - National River Health Program

The published reports from the Urban Subprogram of the National River Health Program have been made available on They are:

AUSRIVAS Protocol - Chemical & Physical Assessment

Go To AUSRIVAS Protocol - Chemical & Physical Assessment


Sydney airport have co-funded a Natural Heritage Trust supported project intended to develop Internet based environmental information integration and management systems. This will assist in developing an overall perspective on the demands and uses for environmental resources within Australia's most populated and developed region. The following resources will be of interest to all those seeking information on the Botany Bay System

Go To Interim Southern Sydney Regional Strategic Plan

Go To Turning the Tide

Go To The Botany Basin; Its Bedrock Topography And Recent Geological History

Go To Cooks River Catchment Management Strategy

Other Sources

Go To Environment Australia Online Library
Publications, Searching Facilities, Databases

Go To CSIRO - Tropical Argirulture: Community-based Integrated Catchment Management (ICM)

Go To Integrated Resource Management Research

Go To Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality

Online Spatial Databases & Information

Topics in this section:

Go To The Mathematical Structure of Spatial Databases
"Deriving Inferences From Ecological Databases That Define A Partition & Contain Sinks Of Information. (Ch 2)"

Go To Map Accuracy and Map Overlays

Go To Spatial and Other Databases

Helpful Documents

Go To The Natural Heritage Trust and The National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality

Go To Council of Australian Governments Communique - Water Reform Agenda

Go To Environmental Management Systems

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Online data reporting and management facilities to assist in managing environmental information in a co-ordinated manner. These data management facilities will

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