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Information Integration

Databases, E-commerce, Reporting & Security

It is of paramount importance that systems must:

System Development

There are examples of sophisticated information management systems which lack commercial justification for the investment required to develop them. It is also well known that any attempt to develop "complete" and comprehensive information systems entails considerable risk of failure. Gilb has discussed alternative development methodologies and suggests that development should proceed via an evolutionary approach (Principles of Software Engineering Management. ISBN: 0201192462 Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. Pub. Date: June 1988).

The key stake-holders core information requirements and critical performance attributes must be be identified. A system which meets these requirements should be developed and implemented first and then used as the basis for further developments.

The development and implementation of information systems via an inherently iterative process, which focuses on content and mandatory functionality rather than feature rich systems, can yield very effective systems which meet user's needs as they evolve over time. The recommended systems development strategy is therefore based on an evolutionary process and involves:


The Structured Query Language (SQL) is an ANSI standard (ANSI SQL92) method facilitating communication with relational databases. SQL uses expressions derived from a reserved list of english words to manipulate and store data. Since SQL is a standard query language many relational database management systems use it, including:
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Access
  • Sybase
  • Postgres
  • Ingres

The steps in creating and interfacing with an Internet accessible database involve:


Businesses have a variety of E-commerce requirements from the relatively simple to quite complex.

... Since transactions, not technology, are the cornerstone of business activity, businesses should use the simplest online commerce strategy that fulfills their requirements.

Standard Accounting Transactions

Real Time Transactions

Businesses who provide on-line services or have sophisticated booking and inventory control systems may wish to process credit-card transactions in real time, allowing them to immediately allocate services to customers.


Online data reporting and management facilities can

There are diverse applications for such systems including:


A number of organisations widely and falsely publicize their Internet facilities as being "completely" and or "totally" secure. However, it is important to remember that:

Most significant security issues are centered around:

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