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For many reasons the Internet/web is displacing traditional sources of information and interaction including schools, libraries and print materials. An accessible web must be able to deliver unprecedented access to information for all people; especially those living in regional areas and with disabilities.

To have any prospect of building a scalable, fast and generally useful information resource, the most fundamental requirement is that the base line information be accessible in an interchangeable text format and that the text be available independently of both the graphics and the layout or presentation characteristics of any particular internet site, article or data management system.

Never loose site of the fact that it is the information that matters and it has to be accessible in varying formats and presentations depending on circumstances which can not always be fully anticipated at the time of development

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Efficient System Management

To manage information efficiently:

  • Generate all reports from a single reference base
  • Every time the baseline information is updated the output should automatically be updated
  • Dynamically link information both backwards and forwards in time

To both minimise and balance loads between different machines:

  • Load your home page using static HTML
  • Separate content, layout, and images
  • Load images, text and database information from different servers
  • Redirect by client IP address
  • Use efficient code (including good HTML or XML)

Mailing Lists, Media & News Releases

Information can be distributed across a range of fields via:

  • Opt-in email lists in specialist fields
  • Hard copy mail to audited lists
  • Fax on Demand Facilities
  • Private and interactive news services via email and bulletin boards

Lists can be managed manually with PC application software or by server List Management Programs. Of the server List Management Programs Majordomo is the most common list management system.

Users or Subscribers to mailing lists should

  • Not receive too many emails
  • Not have their email addresses sold without authorisation
  • Be able to unsubscribe at any time

All mail sent by a list administrator should identify the mail sender

Unqualified spam mail or mail bombing should not be undertaken.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice rendering and organising content to facilitate easy indexing and searching. This may also involve gaining higher search engine rankings.

There are 2 basic types of search engines; Directory-based and Spider-based. Directory-based search engines employ manual editors to review each and every submitted listing. Spider or robot based search engines crawl through a website and examine it using various algorithms, many of which are confidential, to rank web sites.

As a general principle search engines will not trawl pages that use frames or are dynamically generated with a URL that has more than 2 passed variables. The reason being that dynamically generated and poorly constructed frame sets can lead to infinite or very long loops of URL's.

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